Urban planner by passion,
Architect by training,
Data scientist by research.

Pascal Simoens professional career is made of various experiences that, accumulated, make him atypical in the traditional world of architecture and land use planning but also academic.
His first professional life led him to manage the offices of architecture and urban planning from 2001 to 2014 (+/- 40 people) and continues today trough his consulting office named Archimade Studio.
His second professional life is research assistant at the university, working on Smart Cities and, more specifically, analyze and management of urban data.
Today, including his academic career, one of Pascal’s mission is Chief Officer of the Smart & Sustainable, research and development department on Pirnay Group located in Charleroi and Brussels.

Dr. Pascal Simoens, Architect, and Data Scientist. Representative of state universities on the Order Council, teacher-researcher at UMONS.