Our ability to reverse the climate crisis and build a fossil-free, circular and biodiverse society will determine our fate in the coming decades. De Gheldere believes this represents the biggest business opportunity of the century, and will sort winners from losers both in business and amongst cities and nations. Data-driven, sustainable business innovation could greatly help accelerate that transition and help shape the next industrial revolution.

Futureproofed is a consultancy focused on sustainable business innovation. Futureproofed works with visionary corporations who capture the benefits of moving to a low-carbon, sustainable economy such as ING, Nike, Colruyt, DEME, IKEA, Ecover, Recticel, GE Lighting.

Futureproofed also works with local governments who envision and build smart, sustainable, attractive cities. It launched FutureproofedCities a powerful, easy-to-use, software as a service designed to help cities develop, monitor, manage, and visualise their climate action plan and better engage with their citizens. And it is now used by 20 cities in Flanders.

He regularly shares his insights and thoughts in social media, and on radio, TV and in the written press. And as a speaker he is known to enthuse even the most skeptical audience about the exciting prospects of a fossil-free, circular economy.

Serge De Gheldere, CEO Futureproofed – part of Sweco